Bills Allowing OD Surgery and Independent NP Practice to be Heard by Assembly Committee 


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BOTH    SB 323 (NPs) Only    SB 622 (Optometry) Only


A bill that would give California optometrists sweeping new privileges recently advanced by an overwhelming margin of 33-4 (2 Not Voting) in the state Senate. Similarly, a bill allowing Nurse Practitioners to practice independently in defined settings passed by 25-5 (9 Not Voting).


SB 622 (Hernandez), would allow pathways to optometric surgery, with dangerously little training and without even time-limited oversight by the Medical Board of California:

  • Scalpel eyelid surgeries to remove, destroy, or drain lesions of the eyelid and adnexa "clinically evaluated by the optometrist to be noncancerous," with certain limits, after a 25-hour course and as few as 32 cases on humans. 


  • Glaucoma laser surgery (SLT and ALT) and YAG capsulotomy after a 25-hour course and as few as 24 cases (8 of each type) on humans. 


  • Intraocular (and other) injections.
SB 323 (Hernandez) allows Nurse Practitioners to practice without physician supervision in some settings, and to do procedures "recognized by the nursing profession as appropriate," without any specific training requirements and without oversight by the Medical Board of California. It would creat an unequal and segregated standard of care for Californians.

CAEPS, the California Medical Association, the California Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology continue to work to derail these dangerous bills that fail to protect patient safety.

Attention now turns to the Assembly where the bills will first be heard in the Business and Professions Committee. It is vital that we continue to inform legislators of our concerns.

Please click one of the following links to send an e-mail to Key Assembly Legislators and staff OPPOSING:

BOTH    SB 323 (NPs) Only    SB 622 (Optometry) Only

Thank you for assisting us in protecting patients in California.

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